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Lead Roofing in Lyness - Roof & Flashing Costs

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An unlikely but durable and attractive material is lead roofing. Homeowners can take pride in the fact that Lyness lead roofing materials are readily available here and there are also plenty of qualified contractors who can perform expert installation, repairs and replacement work.

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lead roofing Lyness, Orkney Islands
what is lead roofing?

What is Lead Roofing?

Lead roofing consists of sheets of this material which are attached to the surface of a roof. It may take the form of square, rectangular or oval-shaped tiles which may lie adjacent to one another or overlap slightly. This material may also have slightly raised ridges running throughout it. Solid castings can also be made to cover uniquely-shaped structures or even domes. When first laid, Lyness lead roofing is typically black but lightens to a weathered grey colour over time.

Is Lead Roofing Safe?

One of the biggest concerns that people normally have when considering lead roofing is safety. While exposure to lead paint and dust can be harmful, lead roofs do not pose the same hazards to occupants of a building. This is due largely in part to the amount of distance they are away from the people inside them. Lead roofing poses relatively little danger to the workers that install it provided the proper protective equipment is worn while doing so. There is also very little run-off that might get into ground water, so having rain hit this roof does not pose a hazard to local drinking water.

is Lyness lead roofing safe?

Benefits of Lyness Lead Roofing

When comparing lead roofing to other choices, there are a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice in many situations and a few of these include:

  • Longevity – lead roofs have been known to last for more than 100 years without needing repairs and more than 250 years without requiring replacement
  • Naturally resists damage from air pollution and acid rain, making it an ideal choice for areas with lots of environmental hazards
  • Provides a layer of protection for stone cornices and chimneys
  • Does not expand or contract a great deal when the weather changes
  • Can be moulded into various forms
  • Does not fade when exposed to sunlight
  • Provides a great deal of wind resistance
  • Able to hold a great deal of snow without collapsing
  • Requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime

Lead Roofing is Still Available

If you are considering replacing the roof on your Lyness home or you are trying to decide what type of material to use on a new property, chances are that you may not have considered the option of lead roofing. While many people have thought that this roofing material is no longer available, this is not the case – it is very much alive and well. Lead roofing sheets have the ability to be stretched and ‘moulded’ to perfection around complicated structures such as chimneys and roof domes. This ensures that that there is virtually no chance of leaks occurring, making lead roofing one of the most viable options to consider.

Orkney Islands Residential Applications

Although lead roofing is still available for residences, the truth is that it’s more common these days in businesses, churches, and industrial settings thanks to its unique durability. Keep in mind that lead is much like any other kind of metal; it comes in sheets and panels that can be trimmed, cut, or stretched to suit your home’s needs and your personal design desires. Although it’s no longer as popular, it still offers a lifetime of durability and plenty of protection from the elements outside.

Are There Special Considerations?

Lead roofing is extremely heavy, which means you may need to alter or improve your home’s structure before lead roofing can be installed safely. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to see whether your home will need additional support until the old roof has been removed. In some cases, it’s possible to see the supports from the attic area, but this is not always true. You may also need to install heavier gutters, which can come at an additional cost.

Lyness lead roof considerations
disadvantages of Lyness lead roofing

Disadvantages of Lead Roofing

While there are numerous advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that consumers should be aware of:

  1. Lead can be more costly than other roofing materials. The price of lead can also fluctuate a great deal based upon the current supply and demand
  2. Extremely heavy and can require special supports and the addition of heavier gutters
  3. Material may not be readily available in all areas

Lyness Lead Roofing Costs

The cost of one lead roofing Lyness job can vary a great deal from another one. There are a number of things that contribute to the cost of a project, and a few of these include:

  • Whether or not a special die needs to be cast as is the case when covering many domes
  • The need for a building to have additional support structures
  • Availability of materials
  • Expertise of the contractor who is performing the work
  • Size and number of openings such as chimneys
  • Size and pitch of the roof
Lyness lead roofing costs

Lead roofing Lyness can be an excellent choice for those who view a home as a long-term investment, especially if that home is likely to be passed down to their heirs. It can also be an ideal way to maintain the value and aesthetics of many historical structures. With such a wide range of benefits, a lead roof is a choice that will continue to pay off for an entire lifetime.

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Are you Looking for a Unique Roof?

If you are in the process of building your own Lyness home, chances are that you are keen to use a few different finishes to provide it with a unique touch. One of the best ways to do this is to have a lead roof installed.

Lead roofing can be supplied in tile or sheet format and it can be moulded or cast into unusual shapes, making it suitable for part of a roof that may be domed or otherwise have an odd shape. Once correctly installed, a lead roof will provide protection for your home for more than 250 years if correctly maintained.

Determining Whether a Lead Roof is Right for You

Lead roofing isn’t suitable for all applications. It’s very heavy, which makes it quite expensive to ship and install. In fact, many of today’s homes must be reinforced prior to the addition of a lead roof simply because the beams were not designed to support the weight. Make sure you talk to your contractor to decide whether a lead roof is the right option for your needs. Adding additional supports can be expensive, and when this is combined with product and installation costs, this is even truer. However, you can view a lead roof as an investment since it’ll require little maintenance and last two centuries or more.

Your Lyness lead roofing questions answered

Lead is frequently used because it is highly malleable and can be easily customised to whatever the client needs. It is also weather resistant and can easily resist the corrosive elements that are frequently present in acid rain.

The primary danger in using lead for roofing is for the workers who are laying the lead shingles. These workers can, over time, accumulate enough lead in their bloodstreams to become dangerous. Because of this danger to roofers, many companies prefer to use other materials.

Thick sheets of lead can be heavier than other commonly used roofing materials, but these same sheets can also be thinned down to as little as 3lbs without compromising the benefits of lead roofing.

Lead roofs have been used for hundreds of years because of their durability. A properly installed lead roof can last up to 200 years, or longer if consistently maintained and cared for.

No, unlike lead paint, lead roofing does not pose a danger to human health, because it does not produce dust that could be harmful if inhaled. It will also not affect your outdoor air quality.

Put simply, lead roofing may initially cost you more to install than most other types of roof materials. However, you will certainly benefit in the long term because this is one of few roofing materials that has been known to last for more than 100 years after being installed – definitely providing excellent value for money.

This is all a matter of preference. Lead roofing can last upward of a century and requires little to no maintenance along the way, but it’s expensive to purchase and even more expensive to install. However, for some homeowners, the added piece of mind that comes along with knowing your roof will last well over a lifetime is worth the initial investment. Additionally, no other roofing looks quite like lead, so if that's the look you desire then it has to be lead!

Lead paint can make your family sick because it can flake off and absorb into the body through the eyes, lungs, mouth, nose, and skin. However, a lead roof is different. It’s a thick sheet of solid metal that will not flake, and this that your family – including yourself, your children and your pets – are safe since their bodies cannot absorb the lead.

Your contractor can provide you with more information. Often, a roofer will simply need to enter the attic and get a general feel for the structure of your home to determine what will need to happen before lead panels can be installed. If the reinforcements will be extensive, the costs will rise.

Lead roofing is by far one of the most expensive options when it comes to roof coverings. However, your initial investment will be money well spent when you discover that very little maintenance will need to be performed on it over time.

Before lead can be installed, it is crucial that you have your existing roof structure thoroughly inspected to ensure that it will be able to handle the weight of the lead roofing. In many cases, additional trusses and support beams will need to be installed before placing a lead roof.

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My business partners and I own an office building that is in need of new lead roofing. The building is 3 stories high. Please provide a quote for this project.

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The traditional lead roof on our porch has started to leak slightly and we wondered if it was possible to get some free quotes for some repair work? We don't know where to start with it all.

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